Terms and Conditions of the 24win affiliate program


This text is a contract between 24win.com (referred to in the contract as “24win.com”, “we” or “our”) and you (referred to in the contract as “affiliate“, “you”, “your”), which contains the general conditions applicable to all members of the 24win affiliate program.

You may not subscribe to the affiliate program if you do not accept the conditions of this contract.

The agreement involving both parties is effective from the date on which we approve the affiliate’s request through the registration form. We reserve the right to correct, alter, amend or eliminate any provision of this agreement, at any time, at our discretion, without prior notice to the affiliate, subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

If you continue (1) your participation in the affiliate program, (2) use the affiliate webpage and/or the marketing tools, or (3) accept any commission by the affiliate, you confirm your irrevocable acceptance of this agreement.


“The Afilliates24win webpage” is the portal with URL http://affiliates.24win.partners/

“Affiliates” are the members of the http://affiliates.24win.partners/ Program.

“Application” is the mobile application or device in any platform of the Operator.

“Sports Betting” is the Operator’s online sports betting product.

“Authorized marketing” are the marketing activities performed with banners, text links and promotions authorized by the operator.

"Banners and text links" refer to graphic images or texts directing traffic of the affiliate webpages to the application.

“Database” is the storage system of data owned by the operator containing, storing or processing data owned or controlled by the operator.

“Income Bonus” is the percentage of Income of any of our products, Casino, Poker, Sports Betting, which will be paid to the affiliate if the affiliate chooses the income bonus plan.

“User” is a client compliant with the following requirements: (1) he/she has opened a new account with the Operator with a pertinent webpage, (2) he/she does not have a previous account with the operator in relation to such page, (3) confirmation that the user is older than 18 years of age and has correctly validated all the data of his/her account and such are validated by the operator.

 “Commissions per Client” are received commissions that come from a client.

“Unwanted mail” will mean electronic mails and messages complying with one or several of the following criteria: (1) unsolicited e-mail, usually sent to a large number of recipients, (2) containing false or deceitful statements, (3) not identifying in a truthful manner the source or IP address or the e-mail of origin, (4) not including a “Delete” option online and in real time, (5) combining one type of software with another, or (6) inserting icons or allowing download or installation of programs or similar actions without the consent of the recipient. The term “unwanted submission” will be construed accordingly.

 “Promotional E-Mails” are promotional campaigns sent by the operator so that the affiliate may disseminate them with graphic images or texts, with respect to a promotional campaign.

“CPA” is "Cost per Acquisition".

“Deposits” are the funds transferred by Clients to their Client accounts on the respective Webpages.

“Fraud” will be any putting into practice of an action by the affiliate or a user that the operator considers illegal in any applicable jurisdiction, made in bad faith or with which it is intended to defraud the operator. Fraud includes collusions, abusive use of bonuses or promotions, misuse of the CPA bonus structure, noncompliance with legislation against money laundering or any law or regulation, submission of unwanted e-mails, false or unauthorized advertising or statements, use of stolen credit cards, return of commissions (rake-back) and unauthorized use of any type of intellectual property rights.

“Taxes on Gaming Activities” are taxes, obligations or liens, including VAT or its equivalent, paid by the operator to any public body in any jurisdiction in relation to bets, commissions of the casino for hands played or for registration fees billed to clients.

"Poker Gross Income" is the total of commissions generated by the client plus fees for registration in poker tournaments in the respective months, deducting reversed transactions and any other income refund, credits, offsets or reimbursements paid to clients.

"Sports Betting Net Income" is the amount of sports bets made by users in a natural month, deducting (1) winnings of bets made, (2) sports betting bonuses, (3) reversed transactions, (4) taxes on gaming activities, (5) chargebacks, credits, offsets for cancellations or reimbursements paid to users, and (6) platform costs.

"Casino Net Income" is the amount of bets made by users in a natural month (including virtual live casinos), deducting (1) winnings of bets made, (2) casino bonuses, (3) reversed transactions, (4) taxes on gaming activities, (5) chargebacks, credits, offsets for cancellations or reimbursements paid to users, and 6) platform expenses.

"Poker Net Income" is the total amount of Commissions per Client plus fees for registration in poker tournaments in the respective months, deducting (1) poker bonuses (taking into account the adjustments made to them), (2) reversed transactions; (3) Taxes on Gaming Activities; and (4) any other income refund, credits, offsets or reimbursements paid to Clients and (5) platform expenses.

"Online Games" are the poker and casino products (including the live virtual casino) and online sports betting of the Operator as well as virtual games.

"Games Parallel to Poker " are Casino games that are in the Operator’s poker software.

"24win affiliates webpage" is the portal with URL http://www.24win.partners.

"Authorized Trademarks" are the logotypes, trademarks or commercial names, designs, domain names, ensigns or identifying material owned by the Operator or any of the companies of its group, with authorization to be used on webpages by the affiliate.

"Authorized Marketing" are the marketing activities carried out by means of the Tracker tool through banners, promotional communications and text links, provided that they are authorized by the Operator, including the promotion of Webpages of the Affiliate.

"Webpages" are the Webpages and applications promoted by the Operator or any third party named by the Operator whenever appropriate, which are shown in due time on Affiliates.24win.partners, as well as any related Webpage. “Webpage” or “Application” will be understood to be one of them.

"CPA Payment" is a single payment for each user complying ith the requirements agreed with the Affiliate if he/she chooses the CPA bonus plan.

"Tracker" will be understood as a single search Webpage whose URL will be provided by the Operator to the Affiliate in an exclusive manner in relation to the conditions of this Contract, and through which the Operator will perform Client monitoring and will calculate the Income Bonus or CPA Payment that may proceed in favor of the Affiliate, as the case may be.

"Subaffiliate" will be understood as any individual that the Affiliate introduces to the Operator because of subscribing to 24winnaff as an Affiliate, in relation to which the Operator will pay the Main Affiliate a series of bonuses, as specified hereinafter.

"Output Traffic" is the traffic that an Affiliate generates through an output window when Clients abandon a Webpage (employing the exclusive Tracker of the Affiliate).

"Reversed Transaction" or "Credit" are operations made with credit card that the credit card company cannot collect because of nonpayment or Fraudulent use of the credit card by the Client, or any transaction made by a client that is revoked and for which credit has been granted.

  1. Our rights and obligations

1.1 Registers

The company will evaluate the Affiliate registration form available on this website and report if it has been accepted or not. The Company reserves the right to reject the application for any reason.

We will register your referred users and we will monitor the transactions they make. In case of need, we reserve the right to reject or close a user account to comply with requirements established periodically. The term “user” refers to clients registered in our user database from your affiliate webpage when registering in any of our products (sports betting, casino or poker) through any of your links (URL) that we provide when you become part of the “affiliate program”. Users will become 24win clients when they open an account with us. As users of 24win, all our rules and operating procedures will be applied.

Our company will not accept users who are residents in the U.S. (with the exceptions of the states where gaming is legally allowed) after the application of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 by the Congress of the U.S. on September 30 of 2006.


1.2 Track customer’s play   

The Applicant / Affiliate guarantees that;

  • He / she is in the legal age of their jurisdiction (at least 18 years old and / or the minimum equivalent in relation to the legislation of your country) to accept this agreement.
  • He / she is competent and is properly authorized to enter into a binding agreement for the Affiliate and / or the website.
  • He / she will accomplish all the rules, laws and regulations regarding the promotion of 24WIN  in keeping with the aim of this agreement.
  • He / she understands and fully accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.

 We will make constant monitoring of activities of your users, providing a report with a summary of their activities. You may access such report on the platform http://affiliates.24win.partners/


1.3 Pay a referral commission

 Commissions will be progressive, depending on traffic of monthly users that are achieved. Payment of commissions will be in reference to net benefits (mentioned below) arising from users opening their account in 24win.com through your affiliate page and making bets with real money in any of our products.


Lifetime of users is forever.


1.4 Modification

 The Company may modify any of the terms of the Affiliate Program at any time by posting a new agreement on our website. The modification may include, among others, commission rates, payment procedures and conditions of each service offered. If the member does not agree with some modification, it has the right to terminate this contract, without prejudice to the amounts accumulated up to that point.

Continued participation in the Affiliate Partner Program after a new agreement posted on our Website, you are accepting the changes. The Company will maintain at all times the right of admission and continuity on applicants or participants in its AFFILIATES from Affiliate Program. This right allows you to accept or reject any AFFILIATES from Affiliate Program and any temporary phase.


2. Rights and obligations of the affiliate

2.1 Linking to our website

Upon registering in our affiliate program, you are accepting to create and maintain single links redirecting users from your webpage to pages belonging to 24win. You may link with us through banners (designs), articles or text links, and promotional mails. These are the only legal methods to promote us.


2.2 Minimum referral requirement

The 24win affiliate must have at least 5 active players (depositors) in the first 4 months after the start of the affiliation agreement. If this requirement is not met (you will be informed by e-mail after 2 months if necessary), your affiliate account will be closed, giving you the option to open a new account, losing the users you had up to such time.


2.3 Spamming

 24win reserves the right to cancel this contract in a unilateral and immediate manner in case of existence of any form of spam when sending promotional mails. You may not claim nor will you have authority to relate us with any type of obligation.


2.4 Registering of domain names

 The affiliate may not request or register any domain name similar to other domain name used or

registered by any member of 24win.


2.5 Bidding on brand terms

The affiliate may not purchase or register key words, look for terms or other identifiers to use in any search engine, portal or advertising services that are identical or similar to any of the trademarks registered by the 24win group or including the terms “24win”, “24winpoker” or “24wincasino”.


2.6 Approved layouts

The affiliate may only use the creative designs previously approved by us to be used (banners, html

mailers, images, logotypes). You may not promote us or change any material that is not one of those found in http://affiliates.24win.partners/ . Links will be designed and designated by us and such will be the only ones authorized. The affiliate may not create any direct link to promotional materials of any of the websites of 24win.


2.7 Good faith

We reserve the right to withhold any money amount that could correspond to the affiliate if we have reasonable motives to believe that client traffic has been generated by fraudulent use. We also reserve the right to suspend or close the account and freeze payment of commissions if the affiliate abuses any of the offers or promotions of 24win, with or without its knowledge.


2.8 Responsibility of your site

The affiliate is the sole responsible for the development, management and maintenance of its webpages and of the materials appearing on them. You must make sure that no material appearing on your webpages is defamatory or illegal. Besides being liable for any claim, damage or expense (including legal costs) directly or indirectly arising from development, management or maintenance and the content of your webpages.


2.9 Licence to use marks

While this contract is in effect, we grant a nonexclusive and nontransferable license to use our commercial name, registered trademark, service marks and logotypes with the sole purpose of showing promotional materials on your webpage. You may not grant this license to third parties. In the case that third parties should misuse the trademarks, the affiliate must inform us immediately.


2.10 Confidential information

Occasionally, while the contract remains in effect, we will provide you confidential information of our business, activities or technology of the affiliate program. The affiliate will not disclose information to third parties without our consent and written authorization. The obligations of the affiliate with respect to confidentiality of such information will remain valid after rescinding the contract.


2.11 Data protection

You must comply at all times with the applicable regulation, particularly the one related to personal data protection.

The personal data that the member provide by the registration form will be recorded in a file responsibility of the Company, with the purpose of managing this contract. Additionally, the Affiliate expressly states that he knows and agrees that the signing of this agreement means their data can be transferred by the Company to third parties for commercial purposes.


2.12 Sending Customers

The affiliate knows and agrees that the contribution of users to the portal 24win is constituted as a contract commissions and not as a contract of commercial mandate. Therefore, does not generate any right to compensation on the goodwill or clientele that may have generate to the Company.

The Affiliate will not have any rights regarding to Customers except the payment of bonuses regulated.  The operator will be able to exploit other affiliate programs in relation to any other Internet site that corresponds to the Affiliate any rights in connection with these other programs.


3Commissions Plan

3.1 The referral commission


The affiliate will earn a percentage of commission based on the net benefit generated by the referred user.

In 24win, for unregulated markets (.com), we have following commission plan for affiliates.


  • Progressive revenue Share (R.S) %


$ 0-10.000                          30% RS
$ 10.001 – 20.000           32% RS
$ 20.001 – 30.000           34% RS
$ 30.001 – 40.001           36% RS
$ 40.001 – 50.000           38% RS
$ 50.001 – no límit          40% RS


5 – 50 new customers with deposit          2% Extra commission
+50     new customers with deposit          5% Extra commission


Level 1: 5% of Net Revenue generated by your sub-affiliates

Level 2: 3% of Net Revenue generated by your sub-affiliates

Level 3: 2% of Net Revenue generated by your sub-affiliates


3.2 Payable commission calculations

The net benefit is defined as follows:

  • Sports Betting: Gross amount received for bets already made by referred users, deducting (1) winnings of users, (2) taxes, (3) fraud, (4) reversions or cancellations, (5) bonuses granted to users or bonuses for bets/income (6) platform costs.


  • Casino: Gross amount of bets made in casino by referred users, deducting (1) funds transferred outside the account, (2) final balance, (3) credits granted to users, (4) amounts paid for taxes, (5) license, (6) fraud, (7) bonuses granted or bonuses and (8) platform costs.


  • Poker: Real value of the player (defined below) deducting (1) taxes, (2) license, (3) platform costs, (4) bonuses, and (5) fraud.


The real valor of the player is based on the commission (rake) according to our FAQs section for poker, on the net income of users at poker tables. Affiliates are rewarded for bringing recreational players contributing to poker liquidity.


We reserve the right to change the percentage of commission and the calculation method as we may deem appropriate.


3.3 Commission calculation method

 Affiliates may request payment of commissions on winnings in any of our products: Casino, Sports Betting or Poker. If the balance is negative in any of our products, it will be deducted from the available commissions.


3.4. Sub-affiliate


24win offers a sub-affiliate plan. The Affiliate who wishes to refer to sub-affiliates must request it from the Company by sending an email to affiliates.manager@24win.com. 24win will then provide you with a link so that the sub.affiliate can complete the corresponding registration from on our website.

The company will evaluate the sub-affiliate's registration from and and infrom the applicant whether or not the affiliation request has been accepted.

THe company reserves the right to refuse the application for any reason.

The same terms and conditions applicable to the Affiliate will apply to the sub-affiliates. Therefore, any question regarding assets and cancellations of account, commission plan and other terms and conditions, shall be deemed accepted bt the sub-affiliate with the acceptance of these terms and conditions at the tiem of acceptance of the register.


4. Referral commission payouts

4.1 Pâyouts request

 The affiliate, before requesting payment of commissions of its account, must have at least five referred users. It may request monthly payment of commissions, provided that it complies with the requirements explained above.

The affiliate accepts the self-invoicing procedure between you and 24win with respect to payment of commissions for referring users.


To request payment of any commission, the affiliate must do so through the 24win affiliate platform. Once the payment request is made, we will generate an invoice with VAT with the information related to your commission for referring users, which the affiliate accepts to receive.

The affiliate accepts not to request any invoice with VAT with respect to its services as affiliate.

You may notify us any change or owner in your business or in your VAT registration.

The self-invoicing procedure will remain while the contract is in effect.


Commissions will be subject to the taxes and levies that should be applicable at each time.

The affiliate may request payment of commissions for referred users from the second day of the following month.


The minimum request of payment of commissions for referred users of a month will depend on the currency registered in the affiliate account. There is no maximum amount.



Minimum payout request

United States Dollar

100 USD


50 EUR

Peruvian Soles

186,505 PEN

Brazilian real

182,371 BRL

Colombian peso

165.669 COP


Payment of commissions may be: 

  • To accounts designated to 24win. This is the easiest and fastest method at the time of withdrawing funds by means of any method of payment available in 24win.com.
  • Bank transfer.


We will not charge any bank transfer fee, but your own bank could charge some amount on such transactions.

Bank transfers appear under the reference 24win in your bank account statement.

However, in case of transfer of those sums owed by request termination of contract by the Affiliate, the commission of the bank transfer will be borne by the Affiliate, deducing in this case the sum to transfer the corresponding amount to the commission so like any other sum that was subject to the rights of deduction provided for in this agreement


4.2 Referral commission payment currency

Payment of commissions for referred users will be made in the currency selected when opening the account.

In the case that conversion of one currency into another is necessary, all amounts will be converted according to the middle point applied at the time of making payment (Financial Times).


5. Duration of the contract, effect and unsuitable webpages

5.1 Duration and rescission

 Once we approve your request, the contract will come into effect and will be in place until one of the two parties gives written notice to the other of the intention of rescinding the contract. In such case, the contract will be rescinded immediately. In case of rescission, with or without grounds, it will be by mutual consent of both parties. Written statements by e-mail will be considered written notices and will be effective immediately.

This Agreement shall enter into force as soon as the Company, through e.mail inform the Affiliate has approved its application for inclusion in the Affiliation Program, providing your username and password and will be indefinitely.

However, the Parties may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving the other party a notice must be sent as e-mail and will have effects immediately.

The Company shall notify the Affiliates termination, suspension or discontinuance directly via e.mail.



5.2 Consequence

Upon termination of the contract, the affiliate must delete all our banners or icons from its webpage(s) disabling all links redirecting to any of 24win pages.


The affiliate with immediate effect will lose all rights and licenses previously granted by means of the contract. The affiliate will have to return any information of a confidential nature that it could possess and any copy of such confidential information in its possession or custody.

From the rescission of the contract, the affiliate will immediately cease the use of our trademarks.

We will proceed to cancel this contract (at our discretion) if we determine that your website(s) is(are) unsuitable.


5.3 Unsuitable sites

Unsuitable webpages include: (1) webs directed to minors, (2) containing pornographic material or material of sexual acts with an illegal nature, (3) promoting violence or racial, sexual or religious discrimination, (4) promoting xenophobia, discriminating physical disability, sexual orientation or promoting illegal activities, (5) infringing any advertising regulation or code of practice.


The affiliate may not open more than one affiliation account without prior written notice.

You may not earn commissions for self-referring clients, that is, referring yourself or persons related to you, in any of our products (Casino, Sports Betting or Poker).

Our affiliate program is aimed to webpages published by professionals.


6. Continuous promotion

The affiliate must mandatorily promote official 24win.com campaigns, which will be communicated on a monthly basis.

In the case that the affiliate should reduce efforts to publish new promotions and recruit new clients, we reserve the right to reduce the percentages of commissions for referred users.

Reduction or suspension of the promotion of our webpages will be interpreted as a rescission of contract.


7.Relationship between the parties

The affiliate and 24win have a relationship of independence with respect to each other. This contract does not create any association, joint business activity or employment relationship between the parties.


The affiliate has no authorization to make or accept an offer or agreement on behalf of 24win.

The affiliate may not make any statement contradicting any of the conditions established in this contract.


8. Indemnities

As an affiliate you will defend, indemnify and hold harmless 24win, its officers, employees or representatives from and against any problem, loss, damage or cost (including legal costs) arising from: (1) nonperformance by the affiliate of any type of warranty, representation or term contained in this contract, (2) performance by the affiliate of functions and obligations under this contract,  (3) negligence of the affiliate, (4) damages directly or indirectly caused by an intended omission or action of the affiliate, or (5) unauthorized use of banners and links of the affiliate program.


9. Waivers

 24win is not liable if the operation of our webpages is interrupted or has errors. In the case that there should be any discrepancy between the reports offered by the affiliate platform and the 24win database, we will consider that the database reports are correct.

The Affiliate expressly knows and agrees to take the risk of using the Internet and that this Affiliate Program is provided without any warranty or condition, express or implied. In consequence we do not guarantee that the program will give possibility of access to its website. The company will not be liable for any errors, omissions, loss or damage caused by Affiliate failure, delay or interruption of all or part of the page or 24Win Affiliate Program.


10. Limitation of liability

 No content of this contract will be construed as a provision of any right, remedy, obligation or benefit to any person, entity or party of this contract.


Our obligations established under this contract do not imply any personal obligation of our shareholders, officers or employees.

 Liability will be solely and exclusively limited to direct damages on commissions produced by referred clients.


11. Independent investigation

The affiliate acknowledges that it has read and accepted the conditions contained in this contract. The affiliate accepts that at any time we may request references of clients in terms that could differ from those found in this contract, and manage or contract similar webpages competing with those of other affiliates.


The affiliate will independently assess the wish to be part of this affiliate program, and will not rely on any representation, warranty or statement that is not contained in this contract.


12. Miscellaneous

12.1 Jurisdiction

 The contract will be governed by the current legislation in Curaçao. For any judicial action related to this contract, the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of judges and tribunals of Curaçao.


12.2 Assignment to third parties

 The assignment of this contract by the affiliate to other parties, without any legal or other type of procedure, is completely forbidden without written consent of 24win.


12.3 Irrevocability

 None of our employees or agents has authority to make amendments to the terms established in this contract.

 We will not allow and we will not acknowledge amendments, additions or deletions of conditions contained in this contract.

 The fact that we cannot guarantee the strict performance by the affiliate of any provision contained in this contract will not constitute a waiver by us.


12.4 Remedies

The rights and remedies contained in this contract will not be exclusive for both parties; that is, the exercise of one or more provisions of this contract will not hinder the exercise of any other provision. You will recognize and will agree that in case of breach of contract or threat of breach of contract inappropriate damages may result therefrom and, because of this, 24win may enforce performance of the contract by means of a specific action, or court order, or any other equitable remedy. None of the terms of this contract will limit or affect the legal rights of 24win. Such rights will be exercised at all times according to what is established by law.


12.5 Severability/Waiver

All conditions contained in this contract will be construed in an effective and valid manner under the applicable law, whenever such is feasible. However, if any condition of this contract should be deemed invalid, illegal or inapplicable, such condition will be considered without effect, without the rest of the content being affected thereby. Inapplicability of any right will not imply any waiver thereof, and for it to be effective it must be given in writing.

12.6 Notifications

The parties expressly agree that any communication relating to this contract shall be sent by via email. For the Company is established as valid email address for the Affiliate affiliates.manager@24win.com and address you registered it in the approved application for plan members.